Coping with death

Facing death, our own or someone else’s, is something we all have to do, but coping with the often overwhelming feeling of helplessness and grief is something we all do differently.

Many people, whether they are churchgoers or not, find tremendous support from contact with us at times like this, knowing that although we cannot restore health and life when it draws to its inevitable end, nor give certain answers to every question, nevertheless we are used to helping all sorts of people face the inevitable, and listening to these questions even when the answers are veiled in mystery.

Funeral Arrangements

The more involved family and friends are, the more comforting they usually find the service. However not everyone feels able to be involved in yet more arrangements at such a difficult time, in which case we will do our very best to provide the kind of service we think will be most helpful to you.
After a death the first contact is usually with one of our local funeral directors, all of whom are very helpful and experienced. They will ask what sort of service you would like, and contact the vicar to arrange a convenient day and time.

Services may be held at St. Bartholomew’s Church or at the graveside or local Crematorium. Initial arrangements are made through the Vicar, but the service may sometimes be conducted by another local minister. 

In either case we will visit you to offer as much support as we can and help you plan the service in a way which expresses your gratitude for the life that has ended as you hand back your loved one to God. 

Sometimes people like to be involved in arranging their own funeral, and we are very happy to meet with you if this is the case, so that you can consider all the possibilities.