Blessing of Pets

We ask God to bless many things in Newbiggin over the course of the year.

Every year the lifeboat and other boats are blessed.  
We sometimes bless buildings like Grace Darling school, new gates and paths and the houses where people live.

We bless people who are just married and those who are baptised and their friends and families.

We bless objects like pianos and books that they might be used for good in our lives.

And we bless pets too.

These pets were blessed at a special blessing at the Bandstand in Newbiggin on Sunday 30th April 2017.

Why do we ask God to bless our pets?

  • We are all God’s creatures and He created us all and so we want to thank God for the gift and wonders of all life

  • God has called us to be trusted partners in caring for his creation and to look after all that he has made

  • We have close and deep bonds of love and affection with our pets and that love is part of God’s love for us

  • We appreciate all that we can learn from our pets and all that they teach us about life

  • We love our pets and value their companionship and the unconditional love that they can show us

  • We want the very best for our pet, their good health and for them to be well fed, happy and to feel secure 

  • We are mindful that sometimes humans can be cruel to animals and that we want to know that God will forgive us when we are sorry

  • We can feel very sad when our pet dies and we can miss their presence very much because of the love that we share and it is good to remember them

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