So what shall I do with my life now?

This is a group based discussion aimed at people who are at a transition point in their lives and who would value time, support and encouragement to consider their next steps.

It would be of benefit for anyone who is starting off in their working lives, in mid career and looking for a fresh direction, handling change or facing retirement.

The workshop helps to consider these issues within the context of our relationship to God and how our purpose and contribution makes sense in terms of our everyday discipleship.

The workshop consists of 2 day sessions spread over a month which offers:

  • Time to think, reflect and plan

  • Encouragement and ideas

  • A range of useful tools and approaches to help you to understand and explore what is life-giving for you

  • An exploration of how my life fits into God’s purposes and vice versa


The workshop will involve a small group and there will be an opportunity to discuss and share thinking and insights on a confidential basis.


Outline Programme for Session 1

  • Introductions and hopes for this process

  • Understanding the nature of transitions and what we value

  • Understanding ‘vocation’ and calling

  • The inner and outer journeys

  • Who am I? - using the Toolkit of exercises

  • Discernment and listening to God


Month long period for reflection and further work

  • Listening to the views of others

  • Listening to God

  • Ongoing support

  • Reflections – keeping notes


If you are interested in exploring your sense of purpose and where you might be going at this stage in your life, then this could be a very helpful way forward.

Please contact Peter Sinclair to explore further.

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